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We have exciting News that everyone will be very excited to hear! We have joined forces with Freedom Fitness “Derek & Tessa Dicks” by merging Their group fitness classes & Our group fitness classes together!

Here are just some of the classes we will have to offer everyone:

* Jazzercise group classes "*Required separate charge"

* Mat Pilates

* HIIT Cardio classes

* Take 30

* SilverSneakers Group Classes

* and more....


Stay tuned for more information coming late November!


PS We are looking to hire more instructors for more classes! Maybe you have a class you would like to add with ours? Inquire at Fit By G (618)204-2485 ask for Gary Lacey.


Special Discount Pricing On Your Gym Membership When You Use Both The Gym and Group Classes!


It's Never Too Late To Get In Shape!


  • Proper nutrition and physical activity play a critical role as we get older. Tivity Health SliverSneakers Fitness Program is a fun, energizing way to get the activity you need to help you stay healthy and independent. Whether you enjoy walking on the treadmill, riding the stationary bike or taking group exercise classes with weights like those available through Silver Sneakers Of Olney, IL, it's important to keep moving. 

Women's Mat Pilates Group Classes
  • If you like yoga, Our "Womens Only" Mat Pilates may be perfect for you! Come Join Our Mat Pilates Group Class with Hilary Cecil!
    It’s a conditioning fitness class that focuses on body alignment, breathing but also while focusing on core strength, stability also full body muscular balance and endurance.


  • Join our full Coed Body Blast HIIT Group Class using steps, kettlebells, barbells and more.. This class will challenge each muscle group increasing strength, core and cardiovascular endurance.
    Come to this fun, energetic, lively class and let your body have a blast!

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"It's Never Too Late To Get In Shape"

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