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* Swedish Massage: Therapy performed to help relax the body and improve circulation. $60/hr or $30/30min


* Deep Tissue: Therapy used to treat specific areas of the body helps release blood to muscles and removes more complex knots that are in the muscle fibers. $70/hr or $45/30min


* Prenatal: Therapy used to help relax the muscles and increase blood circulation during different stages of pregnancy. $60/hr or $30/30min


* Hot Stone: Therapy uses hot/warm stones to warm and melt muscle tension. $70/hr


* Sports Massage: Therapy that combines many different techniques including: deep tissue, stretching, scraping and soft tissue release. These therapies will not only help relieve muscle fatigue but increase flexibility of the muscle. $45/30min or $70/hr


Add-on Services

* Aromatherapy: added mixture of essential oils custom to each client's needs. $15

* Stretching: assisted stretching helps with flexibility and increases range of motion. $10

* Gua Sha (Scraping): this therapy helps treat muscle pain and breaks down scar tissue.


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Sara Buckels Background

Sara is certified and graduated from Olney Central College Massage Therapy Program in 2013. She then obtained her IL State license for Massage Therapy in 2014.

Sara has worked in both the spa setting in Evansville, IN as well alongside Dr. Gary Street Chiropractic.

Sara has been trained and certified in the following services; Swedish, Deep Tissue, Gua Sha “Scraping”, Prenatal and Hot Stone therapies.

Sara's mission to her clients is to bring relief to those who are in pain, relaxation to those who are stressed and luxury to those in need of indulgence.

Massage Therapy

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