* Swedish Massage: Therapy performed to help relax the body and improve circulation. $60/hr or $30/30min


* Deep Tissue: Therapy used to treat specific areas of the body helps release blood to muscles and removes more complex knots that are in the muscle fibers. $70/hr or $45/30min


* Prenatal: Therapy used to help relax the muscles and increase blood circulation during different stages of pregnancy. $60/hr or $30/30min


* Hot Stone: Therapy uses hot/warm stones to warm and melt muscle tension. $70/hr


* Sports Massage: Therapy that combines many different techniques including: deep tissue, stretching, scraping and soft tissue release. These therapies will not only help relieve muscle fatigue but increase flexibility of the muscle. $45/30min or $70/hr


Add-on Services

* Aromatherapy: added mixture of essential oils custom to each client's needs. $15

* Stretching: assisted stretching helps with flexibility and increases range of motion. $10

* Gua Sha (Scraping): this therapy helps treat muscle pain and breaks down scar tissue.


Also Sign Up On Our Massage Monthly Membership 1 hour for $45 Auto Debit Program No Contract.



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