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Establishing a Cardio Exercise Routine That Fits Your Needs

Cardio exercise is defined as any physical activity that increases your heart beating rate to the point that it burns off calories and accumulated fat. The Fit By G Fitness Gym provides the training and equipment that can help you achieve the goals of reducing your weight and improving your general health.

Before you start a cardio exercise routine, however, you will have to make several choices regarding such issues as the type, duration and intensity of the activity. Periods of activity that last only 10 to 15 minutes can be considered cardio exercise. In fact, an official physical activity committee has ruled that activities of any duration, even climbing stairs to and from the office, can be beneficial. Of course, a real cardio routine should involve a specific activity or set of activities carried out over certain periods of time.

In addition to understanding your own physical and time limits, you should select an activity that is readily accessible. Almost everybody has areas to walk, which is an activity that increases the heart rate and exercises the body. Depending upon your resources, you may have access to exercise equipment or facilities, from stationary bicycles and treadmills to pools and rowing machines. You may not even have to leave your living room, since jumping jacks and jogging in place provide excellent cardio exercise. Some who exercise also like guidance and entertainment, and may choose to purchase and watch exercise videos. There are even online workout programs.

It might be wise for you to try some different routines before concentrating on the one that you most prefer. Your heart will not mind how it gets its exercise, but liking something is strictly a psychological thing. Once you have selected the cardio exercise that best fits your needs, carry it out regularly, or at least three days per week. You will soon get into an exercise "habit" that will become part of your life. However, you should never resist developing your routine. Walking can be combined with periods of jogging. Power walking provides greater heart exercise than general ambling. Over time, you may consider stretching out your exercise time from only 20 minutes to as long as an hour.

The intensity of any cardio exercise routine is divided into different levels. A low-intensity activity will be expected to generate less than 50 percent of what would be considered a person's maximum heart rate. The percentage will increase to between 50 and 70 percent when engaged in moderate-intensity exercise and up to 85 percent when carrying out a high-intensity activity. A heart rate monitor can be used to measure the intensity of your specific activity.

In addition to burning calories and improving the condition of your heart, cardio exercise can help you look better and feel better about the way you look. Consider a cardio routine and in the process consider the health benefits available from the Fit By G Fitness Gym.

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