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Exercises A Personal Fitness Trainer Will Recommend To Losing Belly Fat

It is very important that you have discipline and perseverance in carrying out the exercises daily and eating healthy. It is the only way to return to a physical state as you were, probably in your earlier years before you had kids or started to eat unhealthily. You can configure your body as you want because it is possible and nobody can prevent it, but you. You can solicit the help of a personal trainer so that you can stay disciplined and accomplish your weight loss goals Or, you can do it yourself in a fitness center, or at home, but the former option will get you better results. Are you ready to train? Let's go with these exercises to lose that excess fat in your abs.

Two Important Aspects

With all this, we must make clear two very important aspects.

1. There is no exercise to lose fat locally

2. You have to work large muscle groups to consume more calories to lose more fat.

Abdominal Plank

Support yourself on both elbows and feet, and press the abdomen inwards and also the buttocks, being aware at all times of your breathing. To complicate it a bit, slightly raise one leg.


We all know the normal push-ups, but the difference between these push-ups is that they are lighter. The exercise should be done by supporting the knees on the floor and the movement is going up and down with the arms, and with the hands resting on the floor. To perform this exercise you must be on a soft floor, you can put a foam pad to do the push-ups on top.

Hip Extension

Lying on your back with your arms crossed over your shoulders, or extended along your body (easier). With the knees, bent, and the toes slightly open for greater gluteal action, raise the hips by squeezing the gluteus and abdomen inward at the top and lower slowly. You can complicate it by performing the movement to one leg, placing the scapular area in height, or bringing the soles of the feet together. This exercise is one of the favorites for a personal fitness trainer.

Scissor Back

The backward scissor exercise is performed by lying on the floor face down, you must lift your left leg with your right arm, staying in the air for about 10 seconds. Then you must continue, but while lifting the opposite limbs and so on, repeatedly with each side. This exercise tightens the entire core area and abdominal part.


Finally, you will do the front squat to increase the activation of the knee extensors because the load is shifted even more towards them. In this way, you will reduce the involvement of the muscles that articulate the hip. You can squat without weight or with weight. That is up to you


Now that you know these exercises to lose abdominal fat, any personal fitness trainer will tell you to take advantage of them in order to achieve your goals. Be sure to combine these exercises with a proper diet and water. Get started now with abdominal exercises and get the abs you've always wanted. If you need motivation, call on a personal fitness trainer to help you.

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